www.ITSstds.net Welcome to the front door…

You have reached the root of Serv4, a server in the ITSware.net domain used to run two primary sites as follows:


First, the ITS wide standards discussion forum, run for the benefit of those deploying ITS standards and covering the interests of multiple standards developments organizations.  Most users enter this site from the web of their favorite standards groups  (i.e. users with an ATIS interest enter from the SAE ATIS forum, etc..) and see a set of styles and formats matching that point of entry.  Most users never come here.   You have, so presumably you want to reach the forum, which you can go to at the below link. In a few seconds you will be redirected to the forum.

To go to the Standards Discussion Board:  http://Serv4.ITSware.Net/bb/index.php

If this is your first time visiting the forum, many useful features are limited to those who register to use it.  Registration is free, fast, confidential, and easy and will allow you to post messages, see additional content, use the calendar, and download very helpful tools and files you need if you work with ITS standards. http://serv4.itsware.net/bb/profile.php?mode=register


Second, this machine is a host to the Ground Hog Day project.   As the plot of the popular movie implies, the ground hog day project involves repeating one single days events over and over again.  In this case, the events are well formed examples of typical ITS messages which you can use to interact with the Ground Hog day server to test your software and conformance to the message set standards.  The messages supported include Advanced Traveler Data (ATIS), Incident Management Data (IM) and Transportation Management Data (TMDD) all available in XML formats and wrapped in a SOAP environment meeting the standards of the C2C working group.  This server uses technologies from Microsoft, mySQL and the .NET framework.  Other servers use other popular technologies to demonstrate true interoperability.

To go to the usage page for Ground Hog Day: http://Serv4.ITSware.Net/

At this time the SOAP bindings needed for Ground Hog Day are still being devised but are expected to use the recommendations of the NTCIP Center to Center (C2C) committee as well as the (adopted) XML of the SAE ATIS message set and parts of the (draft) IEEE Incident Management message set.   As a trivial incentive to offset some of the investment you made in getting your groundhog node up and running, SubCarrier Systems (host of the ITSware site) will send the first five functional ground hog day sites a copy of the above movie.  So you can recoup twenty bucks for you months efforts, plus have boating rights over the rest of the country.

If you are a state Dept of Transportation (DOT) and wish to obtain a copy of this project to use in creating a state wide message exchange point  (which happens to be a very good use of the 1512 incident messaging standards) for use between transportation and other agencies (justice and law enforcement, maintenance and operations, planning, consumer outreach, FEMA, allied agencies, etc.) then please contact the IEEE Incident Management Committee for further details.  At this time there also exists a variety of Federal funding to assist your program developers in using the standards and in supporting you deployment needs.

Updated June 29th, 2004